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Depending on the setting of the options, the audio reader software is located in the Windows background and texts are automatically carried forward automatically, the moment the clipboard changes. Download PDF files, Word documents, texts of all kinds, an eBook, text from web pages, or insert the text for the presentation of your computer.

The TTS-program for text to speech converts scores by the very well understood english language. There is a lot of language programs, but the software is convincing in its entirety thanks to well-readable english readings.


Text to Speech Windows 10 and Text to Voice reader

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Text to Voice reader - Text to Speech and Windows 10 Text to Speech

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Depending on the setting, the english TTS-software is located in the Windows background and a text will be presented fully automatically, the moment the Windows clipboard changes. Open PDF documents, Word, texts of all kinds, ePub, texts from web pages or add the texts to your PC clipboard.

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